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The best 100% British Subwoofers available

MJ Acoustics was created to pursue an ideal, namely the reproduction of the most natural sounding, true to life bass possible. For over twelve years, we have been perfecting our ideal with a comprehensive line of unrivaled bass systems for the entry level to no-compomise customer. Hand built entirely in the UK, MJ Acoustics products are works of art and are as beautiful to behold as they are to listen to.

We consider Bass frequencies as providing the foundation for the musical spectrum, much as a car’s chassis provides the foundation for optimum road holding and suspension performance. Full development of music’s all important midrange is reliant on properly defined bass. Unfortunately, all too many competing subwoofers are not capable of combining all of the necessary ingredients for „Properly Defined Bass“. Further, these products have strongly contributed to beliefs of many audiophiles that bass frequencies created by a separate enclosure cannot be effectively integrated with high performance loudspeakers.

MJ Acoustics products brilliantly address bass extension, speed, timbre, volume, and dynamics in a perfectly balanced approach using the finest in electrical components and the most versatile bass system connectivity available in today’s 2-channel audio and home theater markets. To accomplish this MJ Acoustics pursues a wholistic, no compromise approach. Drivers are designed, manufactured, and assembled entirely in the UK when most manufacturers are specifying „off the shelf“ parts. Surface mount components such as capacitors and resistors are hand selected and matched, with the lowest of tolerance criteria. Cabinet stuctures employ scrutinized bonding materials and techniques and dimensional values are precisely calculated to ensure the absolute elimination of cabinet resonances and ringing.

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