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The True Story of Record Cleaning

The 1960s was a time when great things were happening in British audio – and none more so than in Berkshire, England. A gentleman named Frank Ockenden was developing the Mercury Contact PickUp Arm. His friend John Wright was a consultant on PU arms & cartridges and wrote for various audio publications. He and Mike Beville, another engineer and businessman, formed a company called Audio & Design to put their ideas into practice.

Meanwhile Percy Wilson, technical editor of The Gramophone magazine, had been working for some years on ways to ‘properly’ clean records. Percy was already a legend in the audio industry: a pioneer of audio theory and design, and lifelong champion of electric sound reproduction as far back as the 1920s, he pretty much invented the modern pickup arm design which has been used by almost every arm and turntable manufacturer ever since.

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Lassen Sie ihre wertvollen Schallplatten bei  Longtone HiFi professionell reinigen.


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